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Projection lamp led

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1. It has a long life and no filament structure. It is not afraid of deadly driving vibration. It can be used in normal environment for more than 60,000 hours. Generally, it does not need to be replaced during the life of the vehicle. 2, pure color: no filter cover, light wavelength error is small, colorful. 3, LED power consumption is low, when it reaches the same brightness of traditional light bulbs, the power consumption is only 6% of the traditional light bulb, the heat is low, and it also plays the role of power saving and fuel saving! 4, LED lighting without delay, the traditional glass bulb has a delay of 0.3 seconds. 5, LED brightness is high: 1W lamp is equivalent to the brightness of traditional 5W car lights, strictly in accordance with the specifications of normal car lights, can directly replace the original car glass bulbs

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Projection lamp led